Conditions of Carriage

After Hours Logistics Ltd Conditions.


The following Terms and Conditions are applicable to the carriage of pre-packed Goods booked through

After Hours Logistics Ltd's Online Self Booking.

  • DEFINITION In these Conditions:
  1. After Hours Logistics Ltd, “we”, “us” and “our” means After Hours Logistics Ltd, any related company (as this term is defined in the Companies Act 1993) and its employees, contractors, agents and independent contractors;
  2. “you” and “your” means our customer (being the person or party who engages us to provide Services);
  3. “Goods” means the items accepted by After Hours Logistics Ltd for carriage under this contract of carriage;
  4. “Market value” means the price that would be negotiated in an open and unrestricted market between a knowledgeable, willing but not anxious buyer and a knowledgeable, willing but not anxious seller acting at arm’s length;
  5. “Prohibited Online Goods” means those items classified by After Hours Logistics Ltd as being incompatible for transport through our Online Self Booking and which are not accepted for carriage and must not be booked and sent through the Online Self Booking.
  6. “Online Self Booking” means the online ordering and payment system on the website: for services provided or to be provided by us in connection with the carriage of the Goods including without limitation, the carriage, transport and/or related storage of the Goods or any operations or service incidental to any of them.
  7. “Sub-Contractor” includes any person who under a contract or arrangement with any person (whether us or not) performs or agrees to perform the Services or any part of the Services;
  8. Words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa; any gender includes the other gender; and persons include corporations and bodies politic and include their legal personal representatives and


After Hours Logistics Ltd Online Self Booking is an ordering and payment system available to customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for a limited range of services.

Collections and deliveries of Goods can occur 24 hours a day. You must suitably package the Goods for carriage in accordance with this contract of carriage.

After Hours Logistics Ltd will not accept Prohibited Online Goods for carriage. Items are classified as Prohibited Online Goods based on their weight, size, value, fragility and nature of the items and you are required to check on our website that your Goods are not Prohibited Online Goods before booking your Online Self Booking order.                                                                                                                 

You may arrange transport of Prohibited Online Goods with After Hours Logistics Ltd Call Centre under separate Terms and Conditions.

2.2 Methods of carriage include road and air via express courier services with such Services being arranged by us as part of the booking system process.

        You shall be deemed to have authorise us to carry or have the Goods carried by another method or methods.

  • Online Self Booking involves a Point to Point courier delivery service under which we collect your packed Goods from your premises and deliver them to the destination address nominated by you.

        In some remote locations (e.g. rural properties and addresses outside of large regional towns) if delivery to the door is not possible, we will contact the receiver

        and arrangements will be made.

The Online Self Booking involves an ordering system and books the collection of your packed Goods on the business day requested by you. If this collection fails you must contact the After Hours Logistics Ltd Call Centre whose details appear on your Tax Invoice, where an alternative collection arrangement will be booked as soon as possible.


2.6        The Online Self Booking,books and charges for the delivery based on the consignment details you have completed online.

             Our charges are based on the greater of charges based on the actual weight or volume of the Goods. For the purpose of calculating weight we round up to the next whole kg.                

2.7        In addition to the delivery charge, we may charge you surcharges and fees as published in the Price Calculator on our website.

             Surcharges are applied against your credit card or PayPal account used to complete the booking. The surcharge is displayed on the final booking form.

  • Correct Weight/Dimensions Charge: applies when the weight or dimensions of your packed Goods are reweighed or remeasured and they are calculated as being different to that which you stated during the online booking.
  • Prohibited Online Goods Return Charge: applies to any items that are classified as a Prohibited Online Good on our website but are booked by you through the Online Self Booking. If we deem during the act of transportation that your item is a Prohibited Online Good then such item will be held by us for collection by you or may be returned to you.
  • Booking Alteration Charge: applies to any alteration you request to the booking of your Online Self Booking, such as a change of a delivery address.
  • Cancellation Charge: applies when an Online Self Booking is cancelled.
  • Futile Booking Charge: will be charged if no-one is available to despatch the Goods on your nominated pickup date; if the driver refuses pickup because the required labels are not attached to your packed Goods; if the driver refuses pickup because the Goods are not packaged correctly for transport; if you will not release the Goods to the driver on your nominated pickup date.
  • Waiting Dispatch Charge: applicable in respect of any delays in excess of 10 minutes in loading your Goods other than from the default of us. Such permissible delay period commences from the driver reporting for loading the Goods.
  • Re-delivery charge: will apply where an initial attempt to deliver a consignment fails and the consignment is returned to our depot for further processing requiring a subsequent delivery or customer pick-up from Our Call Centre on another Working Day.
  • Return Charge: It is the responsibility of the customer when using the Online Self Booking to track the delivery of the Goods through our website and ensure there are no delivery issues. If delivery of your Goods has been attempted to the nominated address, but delivery cannot be completed to the recipient, then your Goods may be returned to you and you will be charged for the return delivery.
  • Proof of Delivery Charge: It is the responsibility of the customer when using the Online Self Booking to track the delivery of the Goods through our website using your assigned booking number.
  • If you require a hard copy Proof of Delivery full in your email address.
  • Paperwork Charge: Our Online Self Booking requires you label your packed Goods as well as printed documentation to be handed over with your Goods. A surcharge will apply if any paperwork is required to be produced or completed by After Hours Logistics Ltd because you have not printed the required labels.
  • Packaging Service Charge: Applicable packaging charges as quoted by After Hours Logistics Ltd may apply when the Goods are not packaged correctly for transport.
  • Storage Charge: applies in circumstances where you elect to consign your packed Goods for delivery to the nearest After Hours Logistics Ltd Call Centre at its intended destination in order for the recipient to conveniently collect the Goods during Call Centre opening hours. If the Goods are not collected within 5 Working Days from the date the After Hours Logistics Ltd Call Centre advises you of receipt then you must pay a storage fee for each day the Goods remain uncollected. Storage will be at the owner’s risk in all respects and we will not be liable for any loss of or damage to the goods while in storage.

2.8 The Goods are accepted for carriage by After Hours Logistics Ltd through Online Self Booking on the following conditions:

  1. that you are a New Zealand resident and the Online Self Booking is booked using a New Zealand registered credit card;
  2. that your Goods have been prepared, labelled and packed safely and carefully by you to a standard as published on our website with the outer packaging and internal cushioning sufficient to protect the Goods  against shock, vibration, compression and short drops during the handling and sortation process, transport and storage;


  1. that for Goods booked for international delivery, you have completed the required documentation as guided online by After Hours Logistics Ltd (e.g. customs invoice) and will provide these completed documents to the driver on collection;
  2. that the items consigned are not Prohibited Online Goods and that you have ticked a check box to state that you have read and understood what is a Prohibited Online Good as part of this contract of carriage;
  3. that the Goods comply with the requirements of any applicable law relating to the nature, condition and packaging of goods and you accept that any expenses and charges incurred by us in complying with legal requirements will be paid by you;
  4. that if any Goods are subject to the control of customs authorities, all duty, excise duty, taxes and costs which After Hours Logistics Ltd becomes liable to pay and does pay shall be paid by you;
  5. that you have fully and adequately described the Goods (including but not limited to providing a full and accurate description of the Goods, weight, volume and number of items) on the electronic booking and consignment note;

        You are responsible for the information entered into the Online Self Booking and After Hours Logistics Ltd will not be held responsible for wrong information that you provide us                                     and any delay this may cause.

     8.Guaranteed transit times are not offered by After Hours Logistics Ltd's Online Self Booking.

     9. Any transit times quoted by us are issued as a guide only.

   10. You are responsible with the Online Self Booking for ensuring that all details are correctly completed and displayed on the correct parcel and After Hours Logistics Ltd

         will not be liable if the Goods are sent and the details were incorrect or placed on the incorrect parcel.

   11.that the person booking the Goods for carriage through the Online Self Booking is the owner of the Goods or is authorised to act as the agent for the owner on the terms of

         this contract of carriage and you as our customer agree to indemnify us for any liability we may incur to any other party in any way relating to the provision of the Services;

  • that you will inform After Hours Logistics Ltd of any known registered security interests in the Goods and acknowledge that we will have a security interest over any assets which are the subject of the contracted services and in our possession and acknowledge and consent to the registration and protection of that interest pursuant to the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 (as amended) and the Regulations made under that Act; and you will indemnify us for any loss or damage resulting from a breach of any of these provisions.
  • You will be liable for any damages caused in transit to other shipments or property resulting from sending a Prohibited Online Good through the Online Self Booking.

2.9 You authorise us (if we should think fit to do so) to arrange with a sub-contractor for the carriage of any Goods the subject of this contract.

       Any such arrangement shall be deemed to be ratified by you upon delivery of the said Goods to such sub-contractor.

2.10 You shall be deemed to authorise any deviation from the usual route or manner of carriage of Goods which may in our absolute discretion be deemed

         reasonable or necessary in the circumstances.

2.11 You authorise us to contract with sea or air carriers under bills of lading or air waybills and in doing so we will at all times act as an agent for you and you will be bound by

         the terms of any such bill of lading or airwaybill as if it is entered into by you.

2.12  We do not guarantee to stop any Goods once in transit if requested by you to do so although we will use our best endeavours to do so.

        We will not be liable for any claim relating to Goods that you have requested to be stopped in transit or returned but are not stopped or are delivered to the receiver.