Authority to Leave

















After Hours Logistics Authority to leave,


Easy As Couriers


60 Somes Cres, Newlands,



          for services of              Eazy As Couriers.


Wellington 6031




Pickup Address:

Delivery Address:


I am authorising Eazy As Couriers and contractors to leave freight at the above detailed address without a signature.

By signing this agreement, I agree that Eazy As Couriers and its contractors will not be liable for any loss or damage that results from leaving consignments as requested at the above address.

This agreement will apply to all future consignments until notification of change or termination of the said agreement is provided to the interested party in writing.

Please fill in the below


Account if applicable:

Contact Number:

The driver will take photos where it was left.

Please download or print, complete and email this form to  



Eazy As Couriers


Office Use Only.



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Fleet Number:

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