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After Hours Logistics Account Application,


Eazy As Couriers


60 Somes Cres, Newlands,



           for services of              Eazy As Couriers.


Wellington 6031



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Guarantee IN CONSIDERATION of After Hours Logistics Ltd at my request providing services and credit to the applicant named above,        I of (“the Guarantor”) agree, declare and undertake as follows:



1. I unconditionally guarantee the due and punctual payment of all monies (including interest) now or at any time hereafter due and owing by the Applicant to any Member (such amounts incurred with or without my knowledge). I acknowledge that this guarantee is a continuing guarantee and shall be irrevocable and shall remain in force and effect until the whole of the monies for which the Applicant may be or become liable shall have been paid or satisfied and I accept that I have the liability of a principal debtor for all monies and all indebtedness due by the Applicant.



2. I accept that my guarantee is unaffected by the unenforceability of payment of any amount referred to in paragraph 1 of this guarantee, by the liquidation or bankruptcy of the Applicant, by the giving of time or any indulgence by any Member to the Applicant or otherwise and if any payment made to any Member by or on behalf of the Applicant or me be avoided by law, such payment shall be deemed not to have been discharged or affected my liability hereunder and in that event such Member and me shall be restored to the position in which each would have been if such payment had not been made.



3. I will upon demand pay all the expenses and legal costs (on a solicitor / agent / client basis) incurred by any Member in the collection of all or any monies due and owing by me pursuant to this guarantee.



4. I also agree independently of the above guarantee to indemnify each Member against all costs and other expenses which any Member may suffer or incur because of any failure by the Applicant to make due and punctual payment of all amounts owing under these Terms and or any failure by the Applicant to perform his, her or its obligations under these Terms, whether or not the liability of the Applicant is or has become void or voidable.



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